Andrew Yablonski

The Captain Andrew Bootstring Band

The Captain Andrew Bootstring Band was formed in the closing days of the month of January, 2013. The concept was simple: start a band where-in the members could feel comfortable wearing vests. It goes without saying that the band pushed hard following that opening statement, and quickly evolved in to something with a little more depth than a fashion catalogue for well-to-do men. With the release of their first EP, Oars in the Water, the band displays their own blend of folk, bluegrass, and rock influences.

Available for bookings across the Greater Toronto Area.

Solo Music

My musical career began in highschool when I started a garage rock band with a few of my friends. Although greatly unsuccesful, it shoved me face first into the musical world that I have come to love. Since those days, I have went to study classical composition, and audio engineering and production.

My musical output can range from a fully orchestrated film score, to an electronic-rock hybrid, to bluegrass-inspired pop. I'm no stranger to exploring genres, and I intend to.

Compositions for film or shorts are available.

The Heliography Project

The Heliography project is an attempt at recreating the sounds of genres that got me in to music in the first place. The first 3 releases, Yellow, Purple, and Green, harken back to 1990s and early 2000s rock and roll with notes of Weezer, Nirvana, Ozma, and Fall Out Boy.

Holiday Music

I have had a long, and tumultuous relationship with the holidays. Like many children, I grew up loving them. Breathing the season in, and failing to fall asleep the night before.
However, as I grew up, and spent time working many retail jobs, I grew uncomfortable with it. Seeing the hidden social pressures, crass commercialism, and dark backside of the holiday made it an unpleasant time of year.
I did not want to be dragged down in that mess.

Cinematic & Film Work

Classically trained in composition, I have spent a lot of time digesting movie soundtracks, and writing pieces of music to underlie visual masterpieces.

Below, you will find highlights from my reel as they become available.

Social Media

I'm on the web, but who isn't?


Graphic design, traditional mediums, and vexillology have been enjoyable studies for me. Here's some of my collected works.


TV show themed.

Contact me

If you have a question about my music, or would like to commission an electronics project, or a composition for your film, don't be afraid to fill out this form.